Cervical lumbar decompression

A cervical lumbar decompression treats the syndromes caused by the weakening of the cervical or lumbar discs, without surgery or prescribed medication. This system, guided by computer, softly applies decompression to the spine; it serves as traction or stretching of the area targeted for treatment. This technology gives the chiropractor the precision and the exact strength he needs in order to apply the exact amount of traction.

Decompression increases circulation of the lymphatic liquids situated within the discs and the articulations, which diminish the pain causing the symptoms that creates the pain you are feeling. For example, it can also alleviate the ache caused by :

  • Herniated discs
  • Soreness to the neck and shoulders
  • Lower back pain
  • Degenerative illness of the articulations (arthritis)

Why opt for this treatment?

Why opt for this treatment to lessen pain instead of pain medication or anti-inflammatory caplets? Many medications that numb pain can cause gastrointestinal dysfunctions.

Surgical procedures for degenerative diseases can lead to complications. There has been a very high rate of complications linked directly to certain operations (55 % in the United States).

Herniated discs

In the case of herniated discs, spinal decompression without surgery contributes to the removal of pressure from the disc which in turn reduces tension from the nerve therefore, lessening the pain.

Arthritis of the spine

Arthritis of the spine is a degenerative disease of the discs or a degenerative disease of the joint. Cervical lumbar decompression offers treatment of this illness right at the source of the problem: decompression of the "facet" articulation and the narrowing of the space between vertebrae. Spinal decompression without surgery gives us the means to take away the pressure from the articulation to facilitate the passage of nutrients.

Facet syndrome is a form of arthritis that specifically targets certain spinal articulations. The distraction (decompression) of these articulations brings an enlargement of the intervertebral foramen (space between the vertebrae). The pressure is then taken away from the spinal nerves which lessens the pain, the numbness and the tingle suffered in the affected areas.

Do you want more information on this treatment?

Our chiropractors will explain the process of this pain relief method. We will ensure that this treatment is adapted to your condition through a complete evaluation of your health status.

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